Looking for an easy way to increase presence, rocket-ship productivity, access flow state, and complete tasks more efficiently than ever before – all while having a schedule that doesn’t make you want to puke every morning? Tantra has the answers!

Yes, your favorite sultry topic has much more availability to it than its applications in the bedroom! 

The personal development and spiritual worlds are full of strong – and often competing – opinions on what exactly makes the perfect day. One line of thought has us waking up before the sun to an ice bath and marathon training; the other has a luxurious sleep-in routine followed by an empty calendar and lots of feel-good activities. The problem? Neither seems to stick and soon we find ourselves in a real-world pendulum swing. Until now. 

Thankfully, Tantra (the spiritual science of energy) is more than just a bedroom activity; it’s a lifestyle! Tantra offers incredible teachings that apply to every part of your day-to-day – calendar included. The secret lies in one of the most basic teachings of Tantra: the premise of masculine and feminine energies.

Before we go any further let me get one very important point out of the way: when we’re using masculine and feminine energies here we are using them about a subset of properties from an energetic perspective. We are not talking about the human concept of gender. 

In Tantra, we observe that not only do two unique energies exist but they work together in harmony. Put quite simply – one cannot survive without the other. Both energies must be present and balanced for success to be achieved.

Let’s take a look at the standard professional development mottos around scheduling: Eat that Frog, the 5:00 am club, cold showers, and super restrictive schedules all have a certain type of energy to them: masculine. Are they effective? Absolutely! The masculine energy is all about expansion, moving forward, action, decision, momentum, and structure. For the last few decades this is the voice we have heard in the professional development space and hot damn is it effective! It’s also exhausting. 

What do we find when we evaluate the modern pleasure-based approach? Slow mornings, following what feels good, using our intuition and focusing on internal guidance. You guessed it – feminine energy! Often this pleasure-based system will encourage no schedule at all in preference for a more responsive way of being. This is a fantastic energy that feels oh-so-delicious to be in; and, having lived in communities oozing with feminine energy for the last three years, I can tell you – not much gets done.

So here we are at the inflection point: we are swinging consistently from one pole to the other, never stopping in the middle to discover the balance that occurs when both energies are applied in uniform. Being too far in one polarity or the other simply won’t do. Our lives, and our schedules, are meant to work with both energies simultaneously. In this way we benefit from the best of both worlds: the masculine structure and action-oriented behavior create a safe container for our feminine to be expressed; much in the way a glass (masculine container) holds water (essence that flows within).

Creating Your Tantra-Based Calendar

To create a tantra-based calendar you’ll want to focus on creating blocks of possibility instead of a strict to-the-minute routine. You will balance what time you wake up with your real-world non-negotiables every day. You will create a structure using your masculine energy that, when followed properly, creates incredible freedom and breathing room for your feminine energy to flow.

These blocks of possibility are groupings of similar types of activities that would logically fit together. Examples might be all the things you do in your morning wake-up routine, or all the admin and planning tasks you do for work. Most scheduling systems fail because they prioritize over-scheduling. Say it with me: you do NOT live in the military! Our more balanced approach allows you to commit yourself to the block of time but not the actions within the block. This allows you to choose intuitively which activities you might like to do on that day – giving your feminine a safe space to choose and practice intuition while still ensuring all of your commitments are met.

5 Steps to a Tantric Calendar

Open Your Mind: Throw out ALL the preconceived notions of what your schedule needs to, or should, look like. Come with an open mind and a blank slate.

Make a List: Make a column for daily, weekly, and monthly. Add in all the tasks you MUST complete, as well as all the ones you would like to complete, into their respective column. Make sure to have a few things in there that make you feel good (date nights, self-pleasure sessions, walks in the park, etc).

Create your Blocks: Notice how many of the items you’ve written down will have a similar type of energy, and block those together. For example; you may have a list of 10 things that you’d like to do every morning or every night. Block those together. You may have a list of items that all count as “workout” activities, block those together. etc.

Anchor in the Non-Negotiables: Perhaps getting to work by a certain time every morning is mandatory, or you want to make sure you’re always available to pick up the kids from school. Whatever dates and times are non-negotiable, schedule those first as your anchor points.

Input your Blocks: Once your non-negotiables are scheduled, it’s playtime! Use your blocks from Step 3 to fill in the rest of your calendar in a way that feels juicy and spacious. Consider how many hours you ideally want to sleep in a day, when it feels good to eat, and your preferred socialization times (all of which are blocks, by the way!).

Once you’ve got your schedule sorted out, give it a shot! I recommend trying each iteration for at least two weeks to see how your body sinks into it. You may need to alter or adjust pieces here or there. You may find you’ve over- or under-estimated the timing of some activities, and others may change in priority. Your schedule isn’t meant to be a rigid framework that never changes, but a living breathing organism that grows with you in symbiotic support.

You may find as you go through this process that your calendar looks a little different than you’d expected at the outset. You may find that you naturally prefer to stay up later or get up earlier than you have been previously. This is the beauty of such a scheduling method: it provides you an opportunity to get clear on your priorities and take sovereign action towards ensuring they happen in your life. It provides you freedom WITH structure. Clarity with flexibility. Yes, even in the scheduling world you get to have your cake and eat it, too!

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