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Stephanie Jaie is a sought-after motivational speaker, international Amazon best-selling co-author of Journey to My Self, philosopher, and Certified Somatic Sexologist on a mission to disrupt the way we relate to pleasure and transformation in our lives. Known for her direct and sassy communication style and unique fusion of the scientific and esoteric, her tendency to say "Fuck the rules!" quickly earned her the title of Sacred Rebel from those close to her. Stephanie started her first pleasure-based business at nineteen. Since then, she has spent her life following her curiosities into the deepest, darkest corners of the human pleasure and transformational experience—including three years living in the jungles of Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, India, and Bali; learning sacred energetic and esoteric practices. She holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Master’s in Metaphysical Science, and is currently completing her PhD in Relationship Dynamics whilst holding initiations in Osho-based Tantra, Zen-based mindfulness, and several Magickal lineages.

Stephanie has a deep desire to help all humans transcend the mundane and access the magick that is available to us when we step into our authentic erotic expression. Throughout her corporate and entrepreneurial days she has spoken to groups with live audiences numbering in the thousands.

An eloquent, energetic, and charismatic speaker with a quirky no-bullshit attitude, Stephanie cuts through the fluff and delivers speeches, dialogue, and topics designed to shift your perspective and ignite your fire for a better life and a better world.

Your audience will leave amped up, energized, inspired, and ready to unleash their juicy, delicious, erotic authentic expression into the world.

Speaking Experience 

Conferences & Seminars: live in-person events as a keynote and presenter for groups of 50 to over 2,000
Summits & Virtual Events: live and on-demand virtual events that have been streamed internationally
Galas & Formal events: Stephanie is a gifted MC who creates a sense of felt community, possibility, and inspiration with the audience. She is able to read the energy of your audience and your speakers effortlessly, ensuring everyone is at ease and in an energized state of radical transformation.
Workshops: Stephanie has a wealth of tools in her repertoire that lend beautifully to in-person and online workshop programs. She has facilitated group breathwork sessions, manifestation trainings, limiting belief removal sessions, relationship dynamics workshops, cacao ceremonies, guided meditation practices, pleasure circles, and sex magick rituals. She is always open to co-create a custom workshop specific to your audience.
Podcasts: Stephanie has appeared on a wealth of podcasts in a wide variety of topics including: the spiritual journey, human design, authenticity, money manifestation, motivation & inspiration, success mindset, personal transmutation, erotic mysticism, and pleasure activism.
Retreats: Stephanie is gifted in creating a grounding and energetic presence for the duration of your retreat or in-person container. She is happy to work directly with you to co-create workshops, keynotes, and additional experiential activities to create powerful transformation throughout the duration of your container.

While the topics of self mastery, authentic expression, and success mindset apply to all humans and therefore all audiences, Stephanie’s unique vision and method of communication are best suited to a specific audience. Therefore, Stephanie works with audiences of any size, format, gender makeup (yes this work applies equally to men and non-binary individuals), and social structure so long as the following qualities exist:

Individuals who are deeply committed to personal transformation and have at least a basic level of self-development awareness and practice
Communities who are open minded and willing to consider perspectives outside of their current paradigm in the areas of: energy, metaphysics, relating, eroticism, gender dynamics, and sexual energy
Groups who are willing and excited to do and learn things a little bit differently
Humans with huge hearts who are looking for their personal transformation such that they can transform the world

Target Audience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stephanie work only with women? 

No! Stephanie Jaie speaks to audiences with all gender identities.

Are all of Stephanie’s topics related to eroticism / sexuality?

While sexuality is at the core of all energetics, Stephanie understands not every audience is ready for an in-your-face talk about sex. She is happy to co-create with you directly to ensure her talk is inspirational, powerful, and transformative for your audience.

Will Stephanie fly to my event?

Travel arrangements can be considered and evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What are Stephanie’s speaking fees?

Stephanie speaks with a variety of different groups. As you can imagine, a 5,000 person corporate gala is very different from a 50-person summit or a charity event. As such Stephanie’s speaking feels are custom to the event, the audience, the location, duration, and organization.

How long are Stephanie’s topics?

Stephanie has spoken from 20 minutes to two hours depending on the type of engagement required. MC slots can span several days if required. Note that workshops are best experienced with a minimum of 45 minute duration.

What is Stephanie’s Speaking Rider?

As with her speaking fees and travel needs, Stephanie understands that each event is unique. As such her rider varies on a per-event basis.

Does Stephanie work with Network Marketing / Multi-Level-Marketing?

YES! Stephanie worked in Network Marketing as a young adult and the experience changed her life forever. She has a soft spot in her heart for all network marketing organizations and would be happy to work with you to support your community.

Does Stephanie work with corporate organizations?

YES! Stephanie speaks with all types of audiences. Please note it is important to ensure your organization is aligned with Stephanie’s in-your-face and frank communication style.

Does Stephanie work with charity events?

YES! Stephanie speaks with all types of audiences. Please note it is important to ensure your charity is aligned with Stephanie’s in-your-face and frank communication style. For example, charity events with children in the audience are not generally a good fit.

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