Your Sexually Empowered Self Begins On a New Page 

Co-Authored by Best Selling Author, Stephanie Jaie

Journey To My Self:

Deeply Honest Stories of Transformation, Metamorphosis, and Spirituality

JOURNEY TO MY SELF tells the inspiring stories of courageous women, like you, who chose to confront their old paradigms, limiting beliefs, and patterns in a pivotal moment where they chose to redefine their past and evolve into fully embodied versions of themselves, unapologetically, abundantly, and with limitless potential.


The Dangerous Woman's Survival Guide 

The Annual Planner for the Fierce, Dedicated, and Unapologetic Woman Creating Massive Success.

It only takes one year to change everything. In fact, I'd argue it only takes one moment: the moment of decision. Everything after that is catch-up! 

If you've been desiring a massive change in your life and are ready to commit to the marathon that is acquiring true success, then this Guide is for you. 

So much more than a book, and so much more than a planner - this Guide fuses both principles together taking you on a journey of massive transformation. 

Together we will explore the psychology of massive transformation. This is a key component that is missing in virtually all self-help books, personal development programs, and spiritual teachings. 

Using the power of momentum and tiny changes over time, we will shift your life to become unrecognizable. 

No matter what day it is when you start, you can be guaranteed that day will be the last day of your life as you know it. 

Are you ready for massive, unreasonable, unbelievable success? Then this Survival Guide is for you! 

COMING SOON: Summer 2023 

Orgasmic Manifestation

A 30-day journey into the depths of your erotic magick. 

You've heard about orgasmic manifestation, but have you actually tried it? Has it ever actually worked for you? 

Contrary to popular belief there is a LOT more to orgasmic manifestation than just thinking pleasant thoughts while you cum. There are layers upon layers of shadow work, de-conditioning, and energetic alignment that are required to ensure successful manifesting. And, no, not all orgasms are created equal. 

This 30-day journey will take you from dried up valley to lush waterfall of orgasmic potential. 

Feel sexy, juicy, turned on, and powerful. 


(This book is an excellent prequel to StephanieJaie's much anticipated digital course on Sex Magick) 

Co-Authored by Best Selling Author, Stephanie Jaie

Women Gone Wild: Intuition

The Feminine Guide to Fearless Living 

It's our time as women to live free-fearlessly. We are being called to awaken our consciousness, consider our impact, and reconnect to ourselves and each other. 

This book is filled with women who have gone from invisible to invincible. These healers, mothers, thought leaders, and change makers have freed themselves from the ordinary and chosen the extraordinary. Join these authors to learn how to run wild in the world and create the golden life you've always wanted.

It's our time as women to live fearlessly. 


A word on writing in the Neo-Spiritual "woke" world... 

 "I pour my heart out into my books and blog. Each page or post offers a unique fusion of personal stories, mindset, science, and powerful spiritual practices for transformation. 

You won't find flighty ungrounded woo-woo fluff in my work. In all honesty most of that talk makes me want to barf. Start talking to me about the 12D without a degree in physics or discussing New Earth Economies with no concept of economics and it's time we part our ways. Neo-Spirituality has in many ways lost its grounding and while this is certainly NOT the place for such a rant, I do wish for you to hear this whole heartedly from me: everything I write is based on a highly grounded mixture of science, spirituality, sex, and success. I do not share ANYTHING that I have not personally created substantial results with. I fuse a variety of different methodologies because I don't believe that any one lineage has all the answers. Just as physics, biology, and chemistry have different ways of reviewing the same core problems and solutions in our 3D world; so too does Tantra, Hermetic Magick, Zen, Manifestation, etc have different ways of looking at the energetics of our world. All are valid, and all are stronger when taken together as a whole instead of living in silos. 

I take the responsibility of sharing very seriously. When you pick up my work; whether that be a course, a book, a blog post, or you see me on stage; know that what I share is shared with integrity, wisdom, and evidence of success. 

Such integrity and evidence of wisdom and embodied success is sorely lacking in today's "woke world" movements where anyone can be an enlightened shaman after a single Ayahuasca ceremony. 

My works are opinionated. They are vulnerable. They are honest. They are MY truth, my reality. You might not like all of it, and I don't ask you to. Indeed, if you liked everything I shared we'd have a serious problem! 

I hope for you to choose to learn from those who inspire you, who model a lifestyle that you aspire to, and who have the evidence of success that shows wisdom and embodiment of their teachings. 

I don't consider myself a teacher. I'm just a girl who decided that life could be way cooler than we were taught in school and committed relentlessly to figuring out exactly what that meant. Little did I know that holy hell life is a LOT FUCKING COOLER than we were ever taught, and I'm nowhere even close to figuring it all out yet. This universe is full of so many glorious mysteries and possibilities. We really do live a magnificent life. I've figured out a lot of cool shit along the way, and it feels pretty selfish to keep it all to myself. After all, how would I have learned all these things if someone else hadn't shared them with me? So I share them here, in my books and the blog, on stage, and in my courses. Not because I am a teacher but because I have embodied some pretty cool things and live a seriously magickal life, and sharing the details of how I got here and what is possible for us humans in this realm feels like an important way to pay it forward. 

So - have fun my loves. 

And remember: real transformation takes COURAGE. COMMITMENT. DISCIPLINE. AND AN OPEN HEART. Anyone who is telling you otherwise hasn't experienced transformation themselves. 

See you on the other side! 


Stephanie Jaie"