Meet the Leader of the Sensualite Movement

….where our senses are our pathway to spiritual awakening.

Hey, I’m Stephanie Jaie!

International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Businesswoman, Elite Matchmaker, Sexologist, Relating Expert, and Ph. D Candidate.

Or, as I’m known in my spiritual communities: Saraswati Taizen Isis Sophia Ma.

It’s a mouthful, I know! Each name attributes itself to a unique lineage, a powerful initiation, and a humbling recognition from a Master. I’ve spent many years of my life traveling the world in search of the absolute best teachers in spirituality, mindset, manifestation, sexology, polyamory and open relating, energetic optimization, philosophy, tantra, zen, magickal mysteries, and enlightenment.

I am obsessed with finding new ways to augment our mundane reality by accessing states of flow, orgasmic bliss, biohacking, mindhacking, manifestation, and spiritual ascension.

We were put on this planet to experience so much more than our currently limited survival-based views of reality. Not only can we dive MUCH deeper into our understanding and experiences of our emotions and our 3D senses; but we have a whole universe of mystical and metaphysical planes to explore.

The truth is that everything becomes so much easier when we stop trying to make things happen through hustle and pushing, and lean into co-creating with the universe using a wide variety of tools.

And - I’m not just here for easy; I’m here for magnificent. I’m here for magickal. I’m here for transcendence. And I bet you are, too! 

I’m here to explore the deepest, widest, and darkest edges of what we presently know about our reality - and to blow them wide open.

I guess you could call me a universal surfer in a way.

But, it didn’t always look this way for me…

From Boardroom to Bedroom and Back Again

I still remember it like it was yesterday. Sitting in the parking lot of my corporate downtown office with my SUV’s heat blasted on high (it gets pretty cold in Winnipeg in February!), a box full of all my personal belongings behind me, hands trembling as I was about to call my mother and break the news to her: today was my last day in the corporate world. Two weeks prior I had made the seemingly reckless decision to quit my epic 6-figure corporate job in tech and travel the world running retreats teaching manifestation.

I held so much pride in being the trailblazer in my family. The one who moved mountains to ascend beyond her 3D realm limitations, blast past barriers and succeed no matter what. And, I had succeeded. And now I was ready to leave it all behind.

Truth is that after achieving every single thing I was taught I should want and strive for - I was still empty inside. In fact, it really fucking sucked. I still had a boss that was a dick. I still didn’t have time or location freedom. In many ways my higher status in the corporate world had actually tied me down even more instead of setting me free. I had had enough. I was tired of living for everyone else, and I was ready to live for ME. To do the cool, weird, abstract, wacky, unconventional, challenging, and paradigm shifting things that I wanted to do.

"…after achieving every single thing I was taught I should want to strive for - I was still empty inside." 

I spent the next three years diving deep into all things spiritual. I traveled the world and learned from any teacher I could get in front of. From Vancouver to Mexico to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, Bali, India, and Thailand. I practiced relentlessly.

I explored my sexuality. I opened my relationship. Cracked open years of childhood sexual trauma that had been repressed. Cried the burning tears of abandonment wounds, screamed the rage of a young body that couldn’t say no, shook out the trauma and stories that had held me complacent for the first 30 years of my life, and stepped boldly into a new way of being. I met seemingly endless triggers, challenges, obstacles, fears, fights, and tears. I willfully broke my heart and my sex open over and over and over again.

I learned to sit in the fire willingly. Letting her flames lick at my flesh and burn away everything that was not meant for me. I learned to love the process of fiery transmutation.

I learned to be unstoppable because nothing - not even the pain of death - could scare me. And as such, I learned what true freedom looked like.

I am not your guru. I am not your therapist.

Despite my certifications I do not desire to be your Master. I do not desire to be your therapist. I am not your teacher, I am not your sage, and I am certainly not your guru.

I am a woman who felt the pain of inauthenticity so deeply that she’d rather risk her entire life than spend one more day in the grey dull reality that society had created for her.

I am a woman who relentlessly committed to finding her TRUE self over every piece of conditioning and programming.

I am a woman who tapped into the metaphysical, the erotic, the pleasurable, and the energetic. Who manipulates reality for my benefit and the benefit of all beings.

I am a woman who has accessed transcendental bliss-filled states and states of death and rebirth.

I am a woman with many different interests who has been born again - over, and over, and over again.

I am a woman who believes in the infinite potential of every single being on this planet. Who believes in our unity and the power of our individuality. Who believes that SO MUCH of what we’ve been taught in our lives is at best a straight up lie and at worst a malignant tumor feeding like a parasite off our energy and minimizing our individuality.

I am a woman who one day decided to live her life as a deeply committed expression of what is possible when we explore and embody ALL of our heart's desires, and who has created a life of luxury, privilege, travel, and beauty as a result. 

I am an activator. A catalyst. An alchemist. A pleasure activist. A surfer of transcendental states.

I am here as an example of the luxurious life that is possible when we tell society’s rules to fuck off and come back home to all parts of ourselves - the ones we love, and the ones we fear - and step into the alchemical fire.

"I am an activator. A catalyst. An alchemist. A pleasure activist. A surfer of transcendental states." 

In this website I have created a wealth of possibilities for you to explore the magickal container that is sexual alchemy and erotic mysticism. I have explored the fusion of science x spirit x sex x success. I have provided invitations for you to go deeper. In my blog, I share the absolute depths of my soul on a wide variety of topics. If you’re looking to stay on the shore I invite you to start your journey with me there.

If you’re ready to dive into the deep end, I encourage you to explore my books and digital offerings

I love a gal who’s ready to take action.

And, I will remind you that eros isn’t the entire spiritual journey. My life has evolved rapidly from a truly holistic exploration of my psyche, philosophy, metaphysics, erotic energy, and spirituality. As I said above; science x spirit x sex x success is my new life motto! 

It is from this holistic space that I share my gifts and my voice on everything from politics to sexual tips to tantra, manifestation, intuition development, and living life as the sexually empowered (dare I say, dangerous?!) woman I am (and you are, too!).

You, my beautifully magickal divine soul, are here for a reason.

Whatever that reason is - I applaud you for following your intuition, and I welcome you to this community.

Your life will never be the same.

Are you ready?


Stephanie Jaie