Elite Matchmaking 

... for those accustomed to excellence

Dating in the 21st century can be hard! Especially for the affluent, the famous, and the easily recognizable. It’s not as simple as creating a Tinder profile for you.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to FINALLY find that perfect person you can share your life with? The one who has exactly every single trait you’ve ever dreamed of? Who can meet you at your level and help you transform, evolve, and grow? The one ready to walk with you through life and love?

The Soulmate partnership is a powerful alchemical container that every human on this planet has access to. If you haven’t yet found your soulmate, you’re missing out on the best of what this life has to offer for you.

Recognizing the unique challenges experienced by the ultra-elite, affluent, famous, and those recognized in the public eye in finding love; Stephanie Jaie has partnered with the world’s leading and most exclusive luxury matchmaking club. This is a private members only club serving the most elite, educated, refined, and distinguished clientele.

Club Members include some of the highest status available singles in the world; Top level CEOs, A-List Celebrities, known fashion models, billionaires and more. All profiles are rigorously reviewed and verified. In order to join The Club and be actively matched and guided by your own personal Matchmaker who offers deluxe, white glove service you must be an active paid member of The Club. Club packages range based on a variety of factors and start in the 5-figure range. 

Meet The Right Person, Guaranteed. 

To ensure success and mutual attraction all identified matches receive an in-depth bio including recent photos prior to an introduction. Given the status of The Club Members, all members must also sign a confidentiality agreement prior to participating. We honour the experience of all members and provide a reliable, invaluable matchmaking venue where you can Meet the Right person, guaranteed.

The Club is a positive force, being very aligned with Stephanie Jaie’s personal goals of making life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful, and meaningful. Let’s bring more love into the world.

If you’re looking to find your soulmate amongst the most financially, intellectually, and professionally elite social circles in the entire world, then this deluxe Members Club is for you.

Experience for yourself a service of obvious distinction….

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