Your pleasure is your power.

Are you yearning for delicious relationships, an explosive career, luxurious wealth, exceptional health, juicy sex, profound mystical experiences, and access to the fully turned-on, fully authentic version of YOU? Then babe, you’re finally in the right place. Buckle your seatbelt because this ride is a rocket ship.

Meet the Leader of the Sensualite Movement

….where our senses are our pathway to spiritual awakening.

Hey, I’m Stephanie Jaie!

International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Businesswoman, Elite Matchmaker, Sexologist, Relating Expert, and Ph. D Candidate.

4/6 Manifesting Generator
Enneagram 7 with 3 tendencies
Leo Sun, Virgo Rising, Scorpio Moon
ENFP Myers Briggs

Sacred Rebel on a mission to uncover the universe's deepest secrets, shatter societal norms, and reframe our relationship to our eroticism; all while living a life full of luxury, travel, impact, orgasmic bliss, and transcendence.

This is not your first rode-o. You’ve been exploring mindset work, personal development, and spirituality for a while now. You’ve tried a variety of modalities and experienced some success, and yet you’re thirsty for more. Despite the wins and the successes and luxuries you’ve experienced - you have this feeling deep in your soul of MORE. This longing, this yearning, this calling that still isn’t quite satisfied.

You can feel that you were meant for so much more.

Maybe you’ve even been hard on yourself, wondering “who am I to desire even MORE when I’ve already been given so much?”

This desire, this hearts calling, is your soul telling you that even the incredible successes you’ve already achieved are NOTHING in comparison to what is actually possible for you.

You are not here to live a mundane life.

Hidden inside every human being; carefully shamed, minimized, and blockaded, is a powerful creative force capable of creating unlimited pleasure and an unparalleled life wilder than you can even presently fathom.

This is your erotic life force energy.

The powerful fire that births humans on this planet is also our most sacred energy source. It provides vitality, creativity, empowerment, and transcendence. Whether you are looking to create a physical baby or touch the face of God, your sexual energy provides the magickal carpet ride through pleasure into transcendent states of bliss.

Your sex is a path of spiritual and physical evolution.

Your sex is a potent transformational power that for too long has been shamed, hidden, and subjected to the corners of our reality.

When we step into full embodiment of our sexuality combined with deeply transformative mindset and spiritual practices; we come into a powerful realization: we touch our souls, the person we were MEANT to be, before society conditioned us to be someone different.

A woman in her pleasure is a woman empowered. 

The version of you who knows TRUTH inside her very soul; the version of you who magnetizes and manifests on autopilot; the version of you who has a wealth of deeply juicy and delicious relationships; the version of you who gives from an open heart and receives luxuriously from the universe; the version of you who impacts this world powerfully and uplifts humanity with her own unique God-given gifts…. that version of you is ALSO epically turned on, thriving in her sex, and dripping in juicy wet creativity.

You cannot have one without the other.

Working with your sexual energy is the rocket ship of transformation you’ve been looking for. This journey is not for the faint of heart. This is not the easiest spiritual path. It is, however, the fastest and the most effective. It will confront you, scare you, overwhelm you. It will call you into deeper states of truth within yourself and with those around you. It is an alchemical fire that you must willingly choose to step foot in each and every day.

This fire of sexual transmutation will burn away every single societal, parental, and generational layer of conditioning that has pulled you away from your center. It will invigorate you, enliven you, activate you. It will provide access to powers, intuitions, magickal, and mystical experiences. You will be revitalized and energized, ready to take on life and create something more magickal than you ever thought possible.

It's time to transcend the mundane! 

It is time to find the epically turned on, fiercely in love with life, magnetic, charismatic, powerful, unstoppable version of you.

Welcome to this community of unstoppable, unfuckwithable, fully empowered and heart-centered souls; ready to release every story of who they “should” be and step powerfully into the full embodiment of their magnetic magickal soul.

This community will change the world.

Are you ready to be part of it?


We release shame, free the body, and step into the powerful sovereign authority we were always meant to be. 

Together we are ushering in a world of orgasmic aliveness, unprecedented vision, spiritual devotion, and unparalleled service⁠.

Repeat After Me...

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Your Sexually Empowered Self Begins On a New Page 

My books offer a unique fusion of personal perspective mixed with spirit, science, sex, and success. Each is incredibly unique and sure to offer you a beautiful launchpad with which to transform. 

I currently have one book in print and three more to be published in the next 9 months. 

Are you ready, babe? 

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