Your pleasure is your secret weapon.

It’s time to alchemize that creative sexual energy into your business, relationships, and life with Best-Selling Author, Stephanie Jaie.


We release shame, free the body, and step into the powerful sovereign authority we were always meant to be. 

Together, we are ushering in a world of orgasmic aliveness, unprecedented vision, spiritual devotion, and unparalleled service⁠.

Our capacity to receive and hold pleasure has been shamed into oblivion.

…and how we show up in the world is a result of that trauma.

We’ve learned to protect ourselves, to be viciously independent, to guard our hearts.

But this is a reclamation… a liberation… a reconnection to our aliveness, to our essence, to our erotic life force energy.

You have an unparalleled pleasure potential waiting to be unleashed.

Repeat After Me...

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You are here to be the Sovereign Empowered Woman.

A woman of strength, grace, authenticity, magnetism, and fierce love. 

You are a mover and a shaker. 

You have big dreams for yourself, your family, your community and humanity.

You are ready to be the change you wish to see in the world - with one bold leap into the depths of your body. 

Intuitively, you are epically turned on, fiercely in love with life, magnetic, charismatic, powerful, and unstoppable. ⁠

You’ve been shamed into hiding, but as you step more fully into the Sovereign Empowered Woman you become a Creatrix of your life; birthing new treasures into the world. 

You are able to harness the most powerful energy on earth – using your sexual energy to power the heart and access spiritual, transcendent states of being, making magick and manifestation much more powerful.

Meet the Leader of the Sensualite Movement

….where our senses are our pathway to spiritual awakening.

Hey, I’m Stephanie Jaie!

(Also known as Queen Sophie Ma)

I’m here to guide you into radical self-responsibility and embodiment of your desires through a unique mixture of new-age somatic training and traditional academic education to bring you back into the body as a means of creating your dream reality. 

I spent much of my life trapped in my mind. 

I denied my senses and lived my life for everybody else. 

I had a 6-figure corporate job but through my dark night of the soul, I revived myself through deep inner work - sexually and spiritually. I know the pathway to true spiritual ascension lives in our relationship to our body, so now I use a cutting-edge fusion of sexual shamanic work, body-based practices, psychological principles and ancient spiritual practices to help you access that potent energy. 

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological Science, am Mindvalley Business Certified Coach, certified Somatic Sexologist, and am an international best selling author. 

I’m also the High Priestess and Chief Creatrix of The Prysm Institute of Quantum Alchemy. 

Your Sexually Empowered Self Begins On a New Page 

 I poured my heart out in my last book, so you can see just how much power you have in your life and step into the reality you deserve.

Co-Authored by Best Selling Author, Stephanie Jaie

Journey To My Self:

Deeply Honest Stories of Transformation, Metamorphosis, and Spirituality

JOURNEY TO MY SELF tells the inspiring stories of courageous women, like you, who chose to confront their old paradigms, limiting beliefs, and patterns in a pivotal moment where they chose to redefine their past and evolve into fully embodied versions of themselves, unapologetically, abundantly, and with limitless potential.

New Book
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