Leader of the
Sensualite Movement

When erotic pleasure meets spiritual awakening



noun: sensualite; plural noun: sensualites

A Leader who is grounded in the Sovereign Embodiment of their deepest desires, pleasures, and senses

An Earth God(dess) who manifests inside the New Paradigm; ushering in a world of orgasmic aliveness, unprecedented vision, spiritual devotion, and unparalleled service

A being who operates for the benefit of all beings

The sensualite movement endeavours to bring us back into the embodiment of our senses, back into the realm of the heart; of feeling, of sensing, of love. 

Leaders around the world join the Sensualite Movement so they can tap into their potent life force energy - creating more power, more success, more pleasure than they ever thought possible.

Better, more connected sex

To higher performance. To world-changing vision. To mind-blowing creativity. A pathway to self-actualization.

This New Paradigm uses sound, touch, movement, and breath to catapult our visions with more ease, flow, and pleasure than we ever thought possible.

It does not discriminate on age, gender, race, or postal code. 

The New Paradigm is here for everyone.

Where we lead with love. We lead with energy. We lead with consciousness.

Are you ready to say YES to freedom, to love, to happiness? To financial freedom, relational bliss, orgasmic sex?

Are you ready to feel fully ALIVE for the first time in your life?

Former Corporate Executive Turned Sensualite

Formerly a Corporate Executive in the Tech Industry with a 6-figure salary, fancy 2 bedroom downtown apartment, and 2 cuddly furbabies. On the outside I had it all; I was a visionary leading the way in an innovative industry. I made more money than almost everyone I knew, enjoyed a massive social circle, and was happily participating in a fulfilling monogamous relationship. And yet - something was stirring inside of me. A hole. A numbness. A disconnection. I didn’t feel pain - I didn’t feel much of anything, in fact.

My sexual chemistry was non existent.

I was so caught up in my head that my partner’s touch repulsed me.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had allowed myself to cry. To be soft. To hurt.

The solutions to life’s deepest challenges can be uncovered when we journey inward through the language of our bodies.

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Are you ready to ride your erotic energy?

The solutions to life’s deepest challenges can be uncovered when we journey inward through the language of our bodies.