A lot of people think of manifestation as a new age spiritual concept. In fact some even compare it to the work of the devil; inherently anti-spiritual and anti-Christian. 

The truth couldn’t be, well, further from the truth! 

In fact, manifestation traces its roots all the way back to Tantra. You can even see pieces of it in Hermetics. In Tantra and Hermetics, the two oldest spiritual sciences in the world, they knew that in order to be deeply profoundly spiritual, you also needed to be rooted in the 3D realm. 

Being of service to source/universe/divine isn’t very helpful if you don’t have a roof over your head or know where your next meal is coming from!

Ancient Chinese Buddhist texts talk about the absolute necessity of obtaining as much clothing, bedding, silver, and gold as possible – so that you can support anyone who comes across your path. In the Bible, Corinthians 9:8 states “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 

You see, learning to live in abundance is one of the most spiritual things you can do. It provides us the ability to give, to serve, and to lead from a full cup – which is exactly how it was always meant to be. Every ancient major religion has spoken in some facet about the importance of abundance as a means of living out the will of God/Source/Universe/Spirit. Abundance and prosperity are even covered in the world’s oldest card game: The Tarot (mastery of the material realm and it’s related prosperity is the main focus of the entire suit of Pentacles – ¼ of the deck, AND more than 1/3rd of the Major Arcana cards). 

Because of this, all major spiritual texts also give us hidden gems on how exactly to manifest. This is not new age technology but in fact as old as religion itself. 

Having spent 16 years learning the “New Age” flavour of manifestation, and the last 5 years diving deep into the esoteric, the religious, the Buddhist, the somatic – I can tell you that Tantra has provided us the most effective and efficient means of manifestation presently available to us. 

Tantra is the spiritual science of energy, and inherent within tantric teachings are the premises of embodiment, divine masculine, and divine feminine: weaving the differing energies together to bring about balanced and sustainable prosperity

Whereas most modern teachings focus primarily on mindset and receiving (which, if you’ve read my last blog post you know is a sure fire way to fail), Tantra gives us the full monty: it teaches us the feminine emotional component, the masculine decision component, and the importance of embodiment and surrender all in one key lineage. 

While I don’t consider myself a Tantra teacher, I do utilize many tantric teachings in my work; and the way Tantra relates to manifestation is not only the most effective from what I have personally experienced with myself and thousands of clients; it is also seen “undercover” in several modern teachers – including Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. 

Because of it’s efficacy and speed (because I mean, who isn’t here for a little time bending quantum leaps?) it is this exact practice that I teach to my students, and that we will be sharing in person during the workshop components of the Desire Resolution Retreat. 

Here’s a breakdown of exactly why Tantra is unique in the manifestation world: 

  1. The Masculine Principle: The masculine principle is where we are DECIDING what it is we want. This is where we make our list, and we use a practice (perhaps vision boarding, perhaps Orgasmic manifestation) in order to program the field with our desires. This is kind of like throwing out your fishing rod into the universe, and hooking the fish that you want to reel in. 
  1. The Feminine Principle: The feminine principle is where we are FEELING the experience of our new reality. In Modern Manifestation they will tell you to “show up as that version of yourself that already has it” – and, as we discussed on Day 2 of my live series, this isn’t exactly super helpful information! If you knew how to do that already, wouldn’t you…. Be doing it? Seems like common sense to me. In tantra, we’re focusing not on being some version of you that you don’t have access to – we’re focused on feeling the feelings of joy, pleasure, and bliss. Or whatever the key feelings would be for you based on what it is you’re wanting to call in. We focus on embodying those feelings as much as possible throughout your day to day, and teach you how to remove any blocks/unworthiness that might be in your field around those feelings. 
  1. LIVE YOUR LIFE: Yes, Tantra is all about being in the world. Living your life, following your intuitive hits and letting the field bring you exactly what you’re meant to receive. Be in the world, have fun, enjoy your life. The more you’re an embodiment of pleasure, the faster these manifestations will come to you! 

That’s it! The easiest 1-2-3 of manifestation; straight from the books of Tantra, and by far the most effective (and enjoyable) means of manifesting. No more scripting, no more belief programing – let your pleasure and desire take care of literally everything that is in the way and allow yourself to live a life full of pleasure that actually brings you everything you’ve ever desired! 

At the Desire Resolution Retreat we’ll be taking you through each of these steps in detail, in addition to tapping into your heart’s true desires, and offering an optional group ritual on the last day to help you truly program the field in the most powerful way possible. 

This is the first time we’ve taught these tools in a group capacity as they are POWERFUL AF, and we’re delighted to be doing it workshop style where we can answer your Q’s and guide you directly: whether you join us online or in person! Payment plans are available to ensure this retreat is accessible to our entire community. 

You can learn more about this retreat here: Desire Resolution Retreat 

Love, pleasure, and abundance; 
Stephanie Jaie 

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    • Eddie walia

      Absolutely amazing and out of the Box stuff. Stephanie you are such an intelligent Soul and an asset to Humanity. Wonderful work. Keep it up. Love n Light from India

      • Stephanie Jaie

        Thank you my love! So glad this resonated for you. Appreciate you being here, as always! Much love.

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