Let’s talk about the Dalai Lama for a minute.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks – here’s the short scoop: The Dalai Lama was recently hosting an event in Dharamshala where he interacted with a young boy in front of a large group of individuals, including media and many cameras. During his time interacting with the boy the two touched foreheads, His Holiness stuck out his tongue, and was heard saying in English, “suck my tongue” to the child.

Media outrage has ensued.

The opinions I have read on this topic have been heated, they have been strong, and they have been VICIOUS.

The Dalai Lama has been called a $3xual abuser. A p3dophile. A Chinese imposter. A reptilian sent to Earth to destroy what “true” spirituality and “12D consciousness” is trying to ground on the planet. And worse.

He has been condemned, hated on, and in my personal opinion publicly bullied and eviscerated.

I’ll save you the trauma of reading the comments thread on any of the social media posts surrounding this topic – suffice to say they’re not for the faint of heart.

This might be expected from our Western Puritans who still fear in the power of their 3r0tic energy. Yet I see even friends and colleagues, teachers in the conscious $3xuality space, jumping on the hatred bandwagon.

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Where is due process and consideration that perhaps this clip is taken out of cultural and relevant context? Where are interviews with the boy, or the mother, or the people there?

Where is our humanity underneath our outrage?

With the exception of a brief commentary lead by Teal Swan, you might as well call this an online witch hunt.

And here we have something important we need to consider: are we living in a modern-day $3xual witch hunt?


A Brief History Lesson

According to Merriam-Webster, a Witch Hunt can be two things:

  1. A searching out and persecution of persons accused of witchcraft
  2. The searching out and deliberate harassment of those (as political opponents) with unpopular views

A witch hunt occurs when the general population has developed such an overpowering fear and repulsion of a concept or idea that it becomes an opportunity for us to band together to fight “the big bad” – whatever that “bad” might be.

The traditional witch hunt period is considered to have lasted for 300 years and resulted in an estimated 50,000 executions.

Can you imagine the damage done by 50,000 executions? By generation after generation after generation living in absolute terror of their neighbour proclaiming they are a witch? Necessitating fake pleasantries and caution to everyone because you never know who might turn on you tomorrow.

Imagine the terror of following your own family’s medicinal healing remedies only to be thrown in jail the next day. Imagine having a lucky hunch on something and then being punished for being “psychic and manipulative”.

Imaging going to bed every night never knowing if tonight might be the night you, or your partner, or your mother, is attacked by an angry mob and thrown to the bottom of the ocean?

This is where mass hysteria leads.

This is where outrage above humanity leads.


Witch Wound

Many people reading this blog will identify with the premise of a “witch wound”.

600 years after the start of the witch hunts and we’re only just now starting to be able to heal and unwind the fears of speaking out, fears of trusting our intuition, fears of being empowered as women, as sexual and sovereign beings. We’re only just now starting to understand the multiple generations of trauma, abuse, and neglect that resulted from these witch hunts. We’re only just starting to see the way mass hysteria on this level pushed back women, silenced them, masculinized some, and hampered our individual evolution.

And now, we’re on the verge of a similar mass hysteria situation.

The Witch Hunts peaked in the Early Modern period. A time characterized by religious, economic, and social upheavals and crises. Sound familiar?

At a time when anyone can snap a photo at an inconvenient angle and have it get someone fired on the other side of the world, we have to ask ourselves – what do we hold sacred?

What do we stand for?

Are we so terrified of our own shadow; so exhausted from the social, political, economic environment; so beaten up by the last three years; that we’ve forgotten our humanity?

Indeed, I feel we have.

Who are the Real Victims?

What this Dalai Lama Tongue situation shows me is not that the Dalai Lama is a Chinese-Reptilian Agent fighting against the 12D, nor that he is a predator of any capacity.

It shows me that we, as a Western Society, are lost. We are scared. We are easily manipulated. We have lost our own connection to truth. Our fears are keeping us stuck.

We are so caught up in victim mentality that we’re willing to jump on the first sight of trouble outside of us. We’re in so much internal pain and conflict from three years of terror that we’re thinking backwards, upside down, and inside out.

Let it be known that the victim mentality only creates more victims. The witch hunt trials created nothing but incredible fear and snitching mentality (and, a lot of deaths).

They did not create a safer community.

They did not save children.

They did not stop abuse.

They did not help us move forward into a more loving, compassionate, truthful, trusting, and just society.

Instead they created mass fear. Panic. Distrust in self and others. Secrecy. Severe lack of justice. Abuse. Torture. Theft of Property. Distrust of natural healing methods and connection to nature. The loss of many, many powerful shamanic, metaphysical, and healing practices.

Instead of saving our children the witch hunts created generational trauma.

And here we are, nearly 600 years from the beginning of the witch hunt period, reliving the same experience.

Instead of localized, we are globalized. Instead of pagan rituals and naturopathic remedies, we now fear $3xual energy.

We just can’t wait for another news story to pop off about this leader or that celebrity doing something dirty. We’re hungry horses; chomping at the bit salivating as we wait for another distraction that we can use to project all the ugly feelings we have inside.

Feed us the Dalai Lama so we can forget that we wake up every day terrified.

Serve us The President on a golden platter so we can go to bed feeling justified.

Spoon us the Athlete, the MP, the News Anchor, the Teacher, the Next Door Neighbour – give us ANYTHING to make the pain go away.

Flash-in-the-pan survival doesn’t look good on us.

Where has our humanity gone?

The point here is not to argue the validity or invalidity of these events. It is simply to point out that you, as the person reading this blog post, were probably not there. Therefore, the hard truth is that you have no FUCKING CLUE what actually happened. And even if you did, you are neither judge, jury, nor persecutor. Get off your goddamned self-righteous high horse and remember that the person in question is a fallible human, just like you.


Welcome to the Hunt

I ask you: if such an image of you and your family were to magically show up on the internet one day, how would you feel?

What would your life look like if an innocent photo of you playing with your child was manipulated at an inconvenient angle and sent to local authorities or ended up on the local news? How would you respond to enraged media screaming “How could you touch YOUR SON like that?!” when all you can do is squeak “but we always play like that – it’s just a bad angle, you see. The photo is out of context. It wasn’t really like that” as handcuffs are slapped on your wrists.

Your life forever, irreparably changed because a stranger happened upon a bad angle. Your son traumatized not from a bad play session with his mother but from the thousands of hours of inquiry, the flashing cameras, and the implications that she would do something harmful to him in the first place. A family broken – just like that.

And a frenzy fed. A population happy. News that was watched and purchased, journalists who made their career by having the first tip. Regardless of the outcome for your family the people got what they wanted – another person to project on. But you, what did you get? What did your son get?

This is a reality that is not far off from our current thread of development, my friends.

This is where mass hysteria leads.

This is where outrage over humanity will take us, and this is only just the start.

I don’t care to extrapolate this example all the way into the full implications of the witch hunt era with today’s modern day technology and globalization. Those of you with active imaginations or Netflix account I’m sure will get to that point on their own.

The point is this: the witch hunt must stop.

Outrage over humanity has never in our history led somewhere desirable.

And it starts with you.

As one changes, the collective changes.

As one says no, the collective says no.

We empower each other, we support each other, we lean on each other.

Just as mob mentality can cause us to riot and destroy, it can also bring us back to our love and connection.

It’s time to stop giving our energy to 7-second edited clips designed to distract, torment, and outrage us.

It’s time to come back to our humanity.

It’s time to remember, to ask ourselves:

What do you hold sacred?

    4 replies to "Dalai Lama Sucks Boy’s Tongue: What Happens Next?"

    • Cristina Wiebe

      Amazing! And very well said!

    • Sarah

      That dangerous fear is certainly in the way of our greatness as a whole. Thank you. I i aging this fear replaced by a curiosity that is open and trusting…May it be

    • Martina

      Thank you for sharing your point of view and bringing to consideration that every story has the angle the teller gives to it. Firm and well put and pointing the finger back to ourselves. Because here is where the change truly starts.


    • Francesca Murray

      Wow excellent well said, god I love you. Such powerful depth, I’m sharing parts of it to my FB with finally my own thoughts on this which I wasn’t guided to share until now. THANK YOU. I love and miss you both.

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