Today I want to take you on a journey. The journey that I, personally, have gone through. 

Back in 2018 I was at the height of my corporate career. 

I had been applying the tools of manifestation diligently since I was 19 years old with much success. 

I had manifested a massive 3-story condo in the trendiest area of my city. 

I had achieved a six-figure salary in the tech industry as the leader of a huge company’s Growth Department. 

I was traveling the world for conferences and speaking on stages talking all about tech and AI and chatbots and the future. 

I had a “dreamboat” fiance who looked amazing on paper (and in a swimsuit, if I’m honest!). 

I had a massive social circle and no shortage of events every week. 

I had won many awards, sat on many boards, and was even a high level competitive athlete. 

And yet…. something wasn’t quite right. 

I had everything I was told I should want. 

But I wasn’t happy. 

I wasn’t fulfilled. 

Honestly, I was dying inside. 

Sometimes it was just this dullness, this lethargy. 

Sometimes it was anger, rage, but with no direction. 

Sometimes it was this inner hunger for more – but what more could there possibly be? 

Does this sound familiar to you?  

This marked the very beginning of my spiritual (and sexual) awakening. 

One Day Everything Came Crashing Down…

I came home from a week-long work trip to my “dream boat” fiance on the verge of overdosing on my kitchen floor.

Foaming at the mouth, shaking uncontrollably, having clearly lost at least 10 pounds in only 5 days. Incoherent; with cigarette burns all over his body, sores in his mouth, all of the LARGE amount of alcohol we kept in our house for friends gone, and over $20,000 worth of savings evaporated up his nose.

To say my rose coloured glasses were violently slapped off my face would be an understatement.

This rock-bottom Tower moment set off a chain of events ripping away nearly everything I, at the time, held dear.

It ripped away my “dream boat” relationship – three months before I was to walk down the isle.

It ripped away my friends circle, completely unwilling to believe that this charming man had a VERY severe addiction.

It ripped away my confidence, my self esteem, my trust in myself, the literal ground beneath my feet.

I lost my home, I nearly lost my job, my credit was eviscerated, my family hated me for supposedly lying to them.

Within the span of only a few months I was diagnosed with C-PTSD, Acute Anxiety Disorder, and Depression.

One day, in the depths of my despair and feeling sorry for myself – I shouted to the universe:



I was MAD. Mad because, in my heart, I knew the game I had been playing had been rigged all along. Mad because, in my heart, I knew the only person I had to blame was myself.

When I looked at myself deeply, I realized that the truth was I didn’t actually want any of these things. In my heart, I had known all along that this life I was living was the WRONG life. I was living for everyone else, and I wasn’t living for me.

This is why I felt unfulfilled. This is why I felt empty inside. This is why everything looked perfect but I still wanted to scream every night.

Because I wasn’t living for me. I was living for them.

And living for THEM is no way to be.

I hadn’t come to this planet to live for THEM. I came, as me, to live for ME.

So, the next day, I made another deal with the universe.

I said “Listen, I see now that I was living the wrong life. But I’m not willing to play this game if it’s going to turn out like this again. If this game is rigged every time, I’m not fucking playing. Show me a better path, and I promise I’ll take it.

The very next day a new friend I had just met popped by for a surprise visit. She barely knew me – I don’t even know how she knew my address.

I answered the door groggy, tears still streaming down my face, stained and sweaty clothing.

She smiled at me with so much love.

“I heard you needed this” she said.

And she handed me a gift bag with two things inside:

1. My first ever Tarot Deck

2. A book about Tantra

The Road To Self Healing

We could say the rest is history, but the truth is that was only the very beginning. Leaning into the depths of my sexual energy, exploring every facet of myself and allowing it to ripple through my being exposed a LOT of things I didn’t want to look at.

It showed me where I was hiding. Where I was conditioned. Where I was small.

It showed me where I had been silencing my truth in favour of pleasing others.

It showed me where I completely and totally lacked boundaries.

It showed me where I had been taking advantage of others unknowingly.

It showed me traumas stored deeply in the body that my mind didn’t even want to admit existed.

AND – it brought me back to myself.

Slowly day by day, as I sunk more into the world of embodying these new tantric tools, as I leaned more into the dark and scary edges of myself, my life began to change.

Suddenly my corporate job became easier. I even got a raise!

Suddenly my apartment became nicer – I somehow managed to get an apartment literally double the size in the same building, for less than the price of the original.

Suddenly I started to have energy again, I started to love life again, I started to love myself again.

I had been doing manifestation work for so long that fusing manifestation work with these tantric tools came like second nature to me. It just… happened.

And everything around me got bigger, better, and brighter.

Three months later and I had completely healed my C-PTSD, acute anxiety, and depression.

My therapist still to this day doesn’t understand it (I tried to tell him about Tantra but he wasn’t super keen).

I had opened my channel to the divine, and I was learning to trust myself. I was seeing synchronicities and messages everywhere. I was hearing the voice of my intuition.

And then one day, my intuition spoke loudly and clearly again: “It’s time to quit your job, release this apartment, and start changing lives. There’s more available for you. You’re ready.”

The Second Stage of Trust

Let me tell you I was NOT ready for that message!

And I resisted the FUCK out of it.

Then, remembering my lesson from 2018 and definitely NOT wanting to have to repeat that journey again – I decided to listen.

I once again let go of my job, my apartment, my new friends, and said goodbye to family.

I took the leap of faith and started traveling the world.

I earned a certification with New Paradigm Institute in the modality of Self Pleasure, becoming a somatic sexologist.

I picked up every single book I could on the metaphysical, the spiritual, the witchy, the occult. I collected certifications and spiritual initiations like they were going out of style – I was RAVENOUS to learn everything I could about the REAL way the universe worked.

I was hooked.

And now, 5 years and 2 months from that rock bottom moment, I have enjoyed a life of freedom. Of bliss. Of purpose.

I make way more than I ever did in my corporate job, while working less. 

I have more friends in all corners around the globe. 

I have lived in 6 different countries, and visited 10, since 2019 (yes, I even travelled through lockdowns). 

Some weeks I do nothing and hang out on the beach. Other weeks I deep dive into creating content. I live in flow and intuitive trust, in a state of pleasure as a choice that I get to make every single day. 

I have learned the true power of my capabilities, the true potency of this work, and most importantly – I have embodied it deeply enough that I can teach it safely to others.

How To Apply This To Your Own Life

I share this journey with you because, quite frankly, I feel the online space has lost a lot of it’s humanity. And I’m not here for “play it safe and keep it light” style conversations. 

The truth is that transformation is fucking HARD. It is PAINFUL. It is TERRIFYING. 

This is why the majority of people just don’t fucking do it. 

And, this is why I love working with Tantric and Taoist practices as a means of personal evolution. 

Bringing conscious pleasure into the mix is the only way I would have been able to experience such shifts, and so quickly. 

Having a pleasure practice allowed me to learn how to navigate my intense emotions, how to release stuck energy, how to see my limiting beliefs, identities, and stories that were holding me back. 

And it made my nervous system feel safe enough to actually release them. 

Because I could trust myself to hold myself through the transition. 

Now I’ll be honest – I did this journey for the most part on my own. There weren’t any sexuality coaches or tantric coaches in my sphere at the time. I had to be willing to go to these depths on my own – and it was scary as FUCK. 

And I don’t wish that for anyone. 

Which is why I am so passionate about the Sexual Empowerment Academy. 

A “greatest hits” collection of all the different tools, modalities, and certifications that I have picked up over the years. 

Distilled, amplified, and fused together into a potent container that is designed to guarantee your transformation. 

I am so confident that the SEA will change your life – the way it saved mine – that I offer a complete money-back guarantee to all my students. Show me you did the work, show me your lack of transformation, and you get your money back. No questions asked. 

How many other leaders in this space (or any space) is willing to offer that? 


End of story. 

This is a powerful container that will help you shift everything in your life. If you’ve been dreaming of: 

– More authority and prestige in your career 

– Overflow of prosperity so you can give to those around you 

– Ultimate trust in yourself and your inner knowing 

– Unfuckwithable steadiness that allows you to navigate all of life with ease 

– Time freedom to spend with your kids, your spouse, your parents, your dog, yourself 

– Self love and healing all body image wounding 

– Calling in your soul mate or a divine child (or both!) 

– Healing any traumas, shadows, or emotional patterns that you know are holding you back 

– Finally discovering who you came here to be underneath all your conditioning 

If you’ve been dreaming of a life that you don’t currently have, but somehow feel it’s possible for you – then the Sexual Empowerment Academy is for you. 

I used these tools to go from the depths of a rock-bottom moment to living my dream life. And now I’m ready to guide you through the same journey (with a lot fewer bumps and a lot more ease on the way!). 

My loves, the doors for the Sexual Empowerment Academy are NOW officially open! 

The doors close on August 22nd at 11:59 pm PST 

The course starts on September 3rd (don’t worry – you still get to enjoy your summer!) 

Instant Manifestor Award: The first THREE people to join this round of the SEA will receive a special 1:1 90-minute coaching call from me (valued at over $5,000!) 

Is it your time to stop living for everyone else, and start living for YOU? 

I can’t wait to see you inside, babes. <3 

Love, pleasure, and abundance
Stephanie Jaie

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