Meet Stephanie Jaie

Formerly a Corporate Executive in the Tech Industry with a 6-figure salary, fancy 2 bedroom downtown apartment, and 2 cuddly furbabies. On the outside I had it all; I was a visionary leading the way in an innovative industry. I made more money than almost everyone I knew, enjoyed a massive social circle, and was happily participating in a fulfilling monogamous relationship. And yet - something was stirring inside of me. A hole. A numbness. A disconnection. I didn’t feel pain - I didn’t feel much of anything, in fact.

I moved from one “to do” list to another - constantly keeping my mind preoccupied so I could ignore the pain in my heart and the numbness in my body. 

My “enough is enough” moment came in the form of a near-nervous breakdown after my fiance relapsed again on Cocaine. After supporting him for four years, 2018 became the year I set myself free from that relationship, from myself, and from the expectations of others. It was the beginning of my spiritual and sexual awakening. 

When we take a leap of faith, the universe meets us quickly. 

Our desires were placed into our hearts as a roadmap to fulfilling our soul’s purpose.

Within 6 months I had sunken deep into Self Pleasure, manifestation, spirituality, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, breathwork, buddhism, tantra, taoic arts, massage, ecstatic dance, plant medicines, energy healing, tarot, intuitive guidance, and many many more modalities.  

I left corporate, launched several successful businesses, and started not one but two beautiful partnerships - which to this day forms my relational triad. 

Most importantly - I learned the potency of my erotic life force energy. I learned how to FEEL emotions through my body without fear. I learned how to embody the sovereign being within me, who had been begging to come out to play for so long. I came home to myself. 

Our pleasure is our power.

The Sensualite Movement was created to share this learning with the world. It is a curation of every trial, product, theory, book, concept, and experience that I have used in my life; first to heal from my own sexual trauma and numbness, and then to skyrocket my businesses into the stratosphere. It presents to you every modality, every opportunity, I used to create rapid transformation in your life. 

I present to you the best of the best, including my own divine downloads and guidance. 

When we journey within ourselves, we heal ourselves. 

When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

Sexual healing enables world healing.

This work will enable you to embody the highest transmission of your soul; to integrate your passion and dreams into your 3D experience; to rewrite your belief system and enable more passion, success, joy, and pleasure than you ever dreamed possible. 

Thank you for being here. 

I look forward to transforming you.